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Breakfast Time in Jessup

a stack of pancakes
It’s morning; you’ve overslept, you’re in a rush to get ready and out the door, on your way to work or school. You’ve got your bag, your keys… what about breakfast? You could grab a muffin or a banana on your way out the door, but… you can do better than that. After all, September is Better Breakfast Month. So to help you out, we’ve made a quick list of places around Jessup, MD that are close to Mission Place apartments where you can grab a great breakfast when you need one. We’ve also included a few reviews from Yelp to help you get to know each place.

 Frank’s Diner

 “I met my husband for coffee in the middle of my crazy dog walking work day as I was passing by here and he finishing up his overnight shift job [nearby]. I expected to just have coffee while he had a meal since [I] have Celiac Disease and am very sensitive to any [non-gluten-free] foods.

 I WAS AMAZED AND EXCITED TO SEE [GLUTEN-FREE] PANCAKES ON THE MENU, PLUS ONLY 50 CENTS MORE TO HAVE GF VS REGULAR PANCAKES!! I spoke with our server and told her the owner needed to advertise that fact they server GF customers. She told us they are trying to perfect a GF waffle recipe next. I cannot wait.

 Service was awesome. These ladies covered for each other making sure our drinks were always full--me coffee, my husband soda. So it was not just a matter of someone walking around with a coffee pot to fill everyone up at the same time.” — Linda H.

 Mimi’s Cafe

 “So because I didn't want to drive into DC for brunch, my boyfriend and I decided to stay local! I'm so glad we did! We just love Mimi's menu. It has whatever you're in the mood for with a New Orleans kick! The Smoked Salmon bennys are sooooo good! We also tried a couple muffins.[ All in all,] if you need a good place to eat in the Maryland area, this is it!” — Ashley Y.

 Bob Evans

 “Surprisingly enough, I had one of the best breakfasts' I've had in a while, from this particular Bob Evans. We first stopped at La Madeleine's in Columbia, but it was literally full to capacity. I checked out my handy dandy Yelp App and noticed a Bob Evans was a few miles down the road.

 On a busy Saturday morning, during peak hours, we only had to wait for 10 minutes to be seated.  SCORE! Our server was extremely friendly and was very attentive throughout our visit. We all ordered different dishes and everyone highly enjoyed their particular entrees. I forgot that Bob Evans served biscuits and oh happy [day] because I am a GRADE A FOOL for biscuits!! Hot, buttery and fluffy!  While we were eating, someone said, how come we never go to the Bob Evans near our houses? The answer is clear, the one located closest to us food isn't as good as this location. As a matter of fact, the whole vibe is different, compared to this location.

Reasonably priced, fast and friendly service and most importantly, delicious filling food are all being served up at Bob Evans.  This visit has made me a believer! Bob Evans....down on the farm!” — Rae M.