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Celebrate the Long Thanksgiving Weekend

Mission Place Apartments, Jessup, MD   A long weekend is coming up, and we've got ideas about how you can spend it. Keep reading to learn more.

Welcome back to the Mission Place Blog! This month, we’ve rounded up some ideas so that you’ll have some fun things to do this Thanksgiving holiday weekend — whether you stay here in Jessup, MD or not.


Day Trips

Be a tourist in your own backyard this weekend. Just be sure to check that the place you’re planning to visit will be open! Here’s a list from Trip Advisor of Jessup, MD, which includes great places to visit for a fun adventure.



Did you know that the week of Thanksgiving is National Games and Puzzles Week? According to an article from Schoolyard, “The most important thing to keep in mind is that these games should require more than one person to play. This week is about gathering together and collaborating in games.” So, pull out those old favorite game or try something new this weekend.


Service Projects

Thanksgiving is all about gratitude; when we are grateful for what we have, we naturally want to share our good fortune with others. Volunteer Match has a multitude of opportunities to serve in the Jessup, MD area. Check it out and spend some time volunteering.


Black Friday Shopping

Black Friday shopping is an important activity for lots of Americans. Before you head out to find the absolute best deals, take a look at this advice from Consumer Reports: Top 10 Black Friday Shopping Tips.


Prepping for the Holidays

Thanksgiving is traditionally the beginning of the holiday season, and it’s a good time to decorate — or at least take inventory of your decorations and repair or replace broken or worn items. This Holiday Decoration Checklist from Real Simple may be helpful. Prepare the advent calendar, make yourself a gift-wrapping kit, and plan your calendar for the next month.


And there you have it — ideas for the long holiday weekend! Of course, you can always opt to be a couch potato and simply relax all weekend. That’s not a bad idea either. Whatever you do, we want to wish a happy Thanksgiving to everyone living in our apartment community. Thanks for reading today’s post.