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Last Minute Turkey Trot Training

a cartoon turkey in running clothes


You’ve been putting it off. You promised your Aunt Carole that you would run the annual Jessup, MD Turkey Trot 5K with the family this year, but now it’s the beginning of November and you still haven’t started training for it yet. But don’t fret! We here at Mission Place are always looking out for you. Here, you can read about a three-week training program to get you ready for the race, as well as some fun facts about Turkey Trots, and good ways to recover after the race.

Three Week Training Program

If you’ve been procrastinating training like we have, then this is the perfect plan for you. Our friends over at Tone and Tighten wrote a blog post detailing how you can prep for your Turkey Trot just in just three weeks. It’s a fairly straightforward program that should have you up and ready by Thanksgiving Day. Some quick tips: don’t push yourself too hard. Always listen to your body. If you’re in pain, take some extra time off to help you recover. Everyone’s body responds differently to physical exertion, so always make sure you don’t push yourself past your limit. Three weeks is probably the shortest amount of time you could train yourself up to running a 5K, so don’t put your training off much longer!

Turkey Trot Fun Facts

A Turkey Trot is a fun name for a race that typically happens on Thanksgiving Day. Almost every Turkey Trot will have a 5K for its runners to participate in, but many will also have marathons of half marathons for the more experienced runners of the group. Looking for more fun facts or just more information on what you’re getting yourself into? The Active website put together a list of some good information and fun anecdotes about the race itself. Check it out to learn more!

How to Recover After Your Race

You just completed your Turkey Trot! Congratulations!! That’s no small accomplishment. You’re probably super tired and ready to go home and rest up, but before you crash on your couch, you may want to check out this list from Active on how to recover after your long run. Basically, it boils down to a few key items: eat, hydrate a ton, and make sure that you stay active the following days. Inactivity can lead to increased soreness and sometimes even injury. You may not want to move, but trust us; it’s good for you.

Are you excited to participate in your Turkey Trot this year? If you haven’t registered yet, be sure to check out this list here for local runs and to sign up. Let us know how you do in the race! You have the whole Mission Place apartment community cheering for you.