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Leaving on a Jet Plane -- Travel Tips for Summer Vacation

advance planning, and we've got travel tips in today's post.

Leaving Jessup for a summer vacation? You may already have your ticket, and that’s great; add some advance planning for packing and preparing your apartment, so your trip will go as smoothly as possible during peak summer travel time. In today’s Mission Place Blog post we have vacation travel tips.  


Before Leaving

Make sure your paperwork is in order, and consider using an app with your flight information on your phone. If your airline allows for it, check into your flight ahead of time.  


Use your phone’s camera to take a picture of your driver’s license, passport, prescriptions, and any other important document you may need while you are on your trip. It’s good to have backups in case they get lost!


Clean out your wallet before you go. Remove anything you don’t need for the trip. No need to risk losing everything if your wallet is lost or stolen. Another option is to get a travel wallet, put only the items you will need in it, and leave your regular wallet at home.


Put your mail on hold or make arrangements for someone to pick it up for you.  


After you have packed, weigh and measure your bags to ensure they fit within the airline’s guidelines for luggage, both checked and carry-on. Double check your carry-on to make sure there are not banned items. And pro point, don’t wear jeans with sparkly pockets, doing so can slow you down with a pat-down at security.


At the Airport

Give yourself plenty of time to arrive so that you don’t have to rush, and check the weather and traffic before you leave.


Wear comfortable shoes for walking at the airport, and wear something that will be comfortable all day that doesn’t wrinkle easily.  


Mark your luggage with a unique sort of tag; something that will help it stand out from all the other luggage when you are ready to collect it.


Make sure all of your devices are fully charged before you get to the airport (or take advantage of airport charging stations and WiFi).


Bring snacks that are easy to eat and that don’t make a big mess. Keep them in an easy-to-reach pocket of your carry-on bag. Plan ahead for charges for airline snacks and food; it’s not always complimentary anymore.


Coming Home

It’s great to travel and visit friends and family, but there’s nothing quite like coming home to your Mission Place apartment and sleeping in your very own bed. Make the experience even better by putting on clean sheets before you leave. Sliding into bed will be heavenly!


Plan a simple meal for your return. Chances are you won’t feel like cooking after traveling for hours. Something in the freezer that can be thawed and reheated quickly is worth the time it may take to prepare it beforehand.


If you are able to swing it, give yourself an extra day off so you can get home and have a day to re-acclimate to your normal routine before you head back to work or school.


We hope everyone in our apartment community has a wonderful summer vacation, and thanks for reading today!