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National Bike Month at Mission Place

Mission Place Apartments, Jessup, MD  May is National Bike Month and today we have some tips for maintaining your bike, plus suggestions for trails.

The Mission Place Blog, in the spirit of celebrating National Bike Month, has some tips about bike maintenance and riding for members of our apartment community this month. Springtime is a great time to get out and enjoy a ride through our Jessup neighborhoods or head to a local trail nearby (list of local trails from Yelp). Follow the tips below for stress-free, safe riding.


Bicycle Maintenance

Store your bicycle inside if possible. Wear and tear result from being stored where weather’s combination of dirt/water can hasten a bicycles demise.


The more you ride, the more often you need to perform maintenance tasks. Just like getting an oil change for your car, a bicycle needs regular maintenance.


If you’ve purchased a used bike, or if you’ve crashed your bike, it’s a good idea to take it in for a once-over to take care of any issues before they progress.


Do NOT use WD40 on your bike chain. It will eventually strip your chain of oil causing metal-on-metal grinding.


Before Every Ride


—Check tire pressure to make sure tires are correctly inflated.


—Check tire thread, looking for embedded debris that could cause a flat tire.

—Check quick release parts (like wheels and seats) to make sure they are secure.


—Spin wheels to check for wobbles (wobbling indicates the need to have your wheel trued).


—Test the brakes to make sure they are grabbing, and take a look at the brake pads to ensure they touch the rims and not the tires.


—Check the bike chain; if dry add chain lube (not WD40).


—Make sure your emergency kit has everything you may need including a spare tube or patch kit, tire levers, and a pump.


For an in-depth guide to bicycle maintenance, check out the League of American Bicyclist’s maintenance section. If you like to do things yourself, The Bicycling Guide to Complete Bicycle Maintenance & Repair, available through Amazon, may be your best friend. If you prefer to take your bike in for repairs, Yelp suggests the Best Bicycle repair shops in the Jessup, MD area. Happy biking and thanks for reading today’s post.