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Workout this Winter at Mission Place

Mission Place Apartments, Jessup, MD   Learn how to get back into exercising or how to start here. Stay fit with these tips from our apartment community.

One of the perks of living at Mission Place apartments in Jessup, MD is access to our 24-Hour Exercise Facility - complete with treadmills, weight machines, and more. When was the last time you used it? If you are a regular user, then good for you; we’re preaching to the choir. However, if it’s been awhile or if you’ve never used the fitness center, you may want to start taking advantage of this great apartment community amenity. We understand that sometimes it is difficult to get motivated to start or to stay motivated to keep going day after day, week after week, month after month. But think of the benefits — looking better and feeling better, not to mention the long-term health benefits of regular exercise. So today, we have some tips to help you exercise in 2018.


Create an exercise playlist. An exercise playlist can make all the difference when you’re set to exercise. It can help to pass the time, and it can be motivating to get you moving as well as motivating you to go further. Spotify or Pandora are great places to find playlists or radio stations. You can also create your own unique playlist on Spotify and collaborate with friends to add and share your favorite songs. Be sure to include plenty of upbeat songs to keep your heart rate up.


Create a routine. How you start, what exercises you do, and how you cool down all come into play. Explore the different types of workouts available to find one that works for you. (A Google search with the terms “workout in fitness center” brings up hundreds of hits.) If it’s been awhile since you have been exercising regularly, WebMD provides a good overview of appropriate questions to ask before you start a workout.


Track Your Progress

Whether you mark your progress in a notebook or use a Fitbit, tracking what you are accomplishing is a great way to reinforce the choice you made to exercise. It creates motivation on those days you just want to pull the covers over your head instead of going to work out.


Set Up a Support Group

Having a workout buddy can be a lot of fun, and it helps to have someone to be accountable to, as well. If you know your friend is going to be knocking on your door, you are more likely to get out of bed and head out to the gym.


Having an on-site exercise facility is awesome. Instead of driving across Jessup to get to the gym, you can just stop by the one in our apartment community! Please share a comment about how starting a fitness program has impacted your life! Thanks for reading today’s post.